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Cartelliere e Schedari


DOLPHINLINEDOLPHINLINE rappresenta l'espressione più intelligente ed elegante che è consentito dalla moderna tecnologia e comprende tutte le soluzioni per il più funzionale arredamento del "mondo ufficio".
embodies all that modern technology has to offer, blending intelligence and elegance to provide a vast range of functional solutions for the furnishing of the office environment. The innovative program with its smart but unobtrusive designe offers a myriad of infinitely variable proposals for the furnishing of executive and business offices according to available space and requirements. Desks, tables, tops, extensions, connecting elements, accessories and fitting able to meet all the emerging requirements of information processing and of the new, ever-more sophisticated instruments and machines of the modern office.
DOLPHINLINE has been designed to be both functional and safe with purpose-designed housing for cables and outlets that can be inspected at any time thruogh the flap on the supporting beam of the tables and desks.

Using the 45° and 90° connecting elements for the tables and conversation extensions, various furnishing solutions can be set up able to meet differing requirements.
The fitted computer work top, integrated with the 90° connecting element guarantee maximum efficiency

Electric, telephone and information processing connections, are made at floor level through the sides fitted with three-compartment raceways. In requested, can be mounted a box with three outlets.
This box can be connected to others eith purpose-designed interconnections cords in full compliance with current regulations.

DOLPHINLINE is also cabinets and bookcases available in various sizes and heights, with metal or glass swing doors or with sliding doors or folding doors made of antistat, no-scratch PVc that also slide horizontally. Cabinets, bookcases, tables, sets of drawers, work surfaces have smoothly rounded edges and corners for free and easy movements and a more comfortable working environment

Line Writing Desk

LINE WRITING DESK The Line Writing-Desk system (1000 and 5000 series desks) offers an infinite variety of workstation configurations. Based on the simple and logical assemnly of structural elements, it provides flexible, economical and pratical solutions that are limited only by individual requirements and imagination.
The Line Writing-Desk system allows you complete liberty to organise work areas according to specific needs, while making the most efficient use of all avaiable space. Reconfiguration is simple, so that environments can easily be customised in the future to suit new operative requirements.

Flexible structure
The metal structure, combined with the full range of modular units, guarantees maximum flexibility and ease of installation.
The two types of legs (a hollow-core metal panel and a tubular, oval leg placed centrally) plus the new chalice-shaped leg featuring a modern and linear design, together with the cable trunking with removable cover, all contribute to guarantee maximum safety and compliance with current legal requirements.

All linear and angular surfaces are made of melamine and edges are coated in ABS plastic. They are available in choice of grey, cherry and oak finishes and the drop-leaf option is available for all versions. Legs are available in light grey RAL 7035 and dark grey RAL 7021 finishes.
The system consists of modular units that can be assembled to form conference tables, computer stations with pull-out keyboard shelves. We also supply an extensive range of drawer units with castors.
These can be used to form a flush level with the desk to increase the surface area of the workstation.
The system includes a selection of hutches made of plate and laminate, including the relative corner elements and paper shelves.

The Line Writing-Desk system (1000 and 5000 series desks) has been designed to satisfy all the demands of the modern office. Thanx to its flexibility, high quality finishes and the extensive choice of surfaces, legs, panels, hutches, shelves and accessories, it can be incorporated into all professional and managerial environments.

Scrivanie Serie 2000

Scrivanie serie 2000
Desks 2000 series with hanging drawer with 2 drawers and melaminic plane.

In various size: 123-143-163-183, with hanging 2 drawers with appendix right or left, H 72cm.

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