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Cartelliere e Schedari
Office dressers
To download the list of codes in PDF format click HERE.

The new dressers series by Tecnical 2 has been conceived and produced for being a serious office furnishing complement extremally set and reliable for any private need.
Its sober and modern design can be used in every single job environment, fitting perfectly to all customer's requests and demands. A perfect example of elegant line, which joins simple with handy and practical.
The mail features of this product are manifold and ground-breaking. First of all the mono-block structure is done with first-choice iron plate with 8/10 thickness and 15/10 reinforcement, which garantees more hardness and maximum length of time.

We also have a special chancellery drawer model, one with compact disc dispense. The door lock has a simultaneous closure.
We did add two revolving-stop wheels, to two normal revolving wheels and the further wheel for the classifier drawer performing a special stead-ness on every kind of floor.
Dressers also got ready for being easily pile up, just removing the top from the base one.
Top and frontal melamine stuffs colors are grey, wild cherry, oak and maple.
The possibility to change either metal or melamine top and front side, gives the office color and personality.

The internal drawers are completely supplied with split stuff or hanging files and provided with no-turnover system.
The frontal are internally set with anti-knock tyres.
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